See the World from Home

Let’s be honest- traveling with little kids is not easy. Just the thought of taking my toddler on a 2 hour flight makes me want to take a nap right now. However, I do have high hopes for traveling internationally with my family one day….perhaps in 5 years when mommy brain has disappeared. That goes away right?  Well, until that happens, I’ve come up with some fun and easy ways to travel the world right at home.

1. Pick a country you want to visit. Have each family member choose a country they want to see. Can’t think of one? Spin a globe, close your eyes and plop your finger down somewhere. I spent hours as a kid doing this! Learn about everyone’s country at your own pace (weekly or monthly). After learning about each country, choose one you’d all love to visit together.

Malou Zuidema - Global Gastronauts - Earth2. Cook a dish from that country. No need to create anything elaborate after searching high and low for exotic & pricey spices. We’ve got you covered. Simple recipes + kid friendly spice packs= Global Gastronauts international cooking boxes. Check out our shop to see what countries we’ve featured and what all comes in a cooking box (Hint: useful, adorable & creative stuff that your kids will adore!)

Malou Zuidema - Global Gastronauts - Utensils3. Learn basic phrases. Explore the language a bit by finding some conversational phrases and quiz each other over dinner. Practice rolling those Rs and don’t forget to laugh at yourself!
Malou Zuidema - Global Gastronauts - Knifes

4. Create a family vision board. Buy poster board, markers, glue & stickers and give each family member a task. Tasks can be: finding books at the library or bookstore, looking up articles online, clipping scenic pictures from magazines and finding maps. Use anything that inspires you. Get creative and colorful!

Malou Zuidema - Global Gastronauts - Planets

5. Set a goal and start a travel fund. Traveling does’t need to be luxurious or crazy expensive if you plan well in advance. Research your destination to get an idea of what a trip would cost (airfare, lodging, food, attractions, etc). Then come up with realistic ways to prioritize your disposable income. Don’t set goals that won’t work for your family- that will only discourage you from reaching your goal. I’d love to tell myself that I’ll cook every single day, but that’s not definitely not practical for me. What’s realistic, is reducing take out from 2 times a week to once a week. Another idea could be skipping out on one coffee shop drink a week & sticking that $5 right into the travel fund. That’s $240 a year. It all adds up!

Malou Zuidema - Global Gastronauts - SpoonsSo, get in the kitchen with your kids, try some new flavors from Global Gastronauts, learn about a fabulous new culture and stick to your travel fund goals. World travel has never been so easy & actually attainable with your family.

From my Kitchen to Yours-



How does your family explore the world at home? 


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